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When people hear the word 'vacuum', most associate it with cleaning the lounge room floor. However, vacuum pumps are used in many industrial and scientific processes that somehow impact many of our daily activities.

Some of these include:

  • Freeze Drying of food and coffee
  • Vacuum packing of meat and dairy products
  • Composite Plastic moulding of shower bases, skylights and spa baths
  • Research, using electron microscopes
  • Medical / Surgical procedures that require suction
  • Machines used to automatically milk cows
  • Holding of timber panels while machining cupboard doors
  • Air conditioning service - removing all contaminants from the system before charging with refrigerant
  • The chrome like coating of car headlamps and plastic coffin handles
  • The manufacture of solar panels
  • Driving some of the flight instruments in most aircraft.
  • The lamination of safety glass
  • The removal of air from wine bottles prior to filling
  • Degassing of resin in the manufacture of fishing lures
  • Uranium enrichment
  • Analytical instrumentation to analyse gas, liquid, solid, surface and bio materials
  • Hard coating of engine components (as in Formula One)
  • Sewage systems (see EN1091:1997 standards)

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